Custom Orthotics

A 3D scanner is used to take impressions of the anatomical shape and unique profile of the foot, saving time, improving accuracy and assisting to produce the most comfortable device possible.

A biomechanical assessment, looking at range of motion, gait analysis, and your individual physical characteristics will guide the unique prescription for your custom orthotic devices.

We use an orthotics lab that has the reputation for producing orthotics of the highest quality and comfort, with over 25 years experience. 

In some cases, prefabricated orthotics will suffice, but for longevity, quality, and comfort you cannot look past a custom device.

There is virtually limitless options in terms of customisation, and devices can be made to fit a wide variety of footwear without being too bulky or too rigid.

Padding, additions and top covers can all be tailored to create a bespoke device that is just right.

Private health fund rebates apply.

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